Help Shaima in Shaboura camp, 2018

Help Shaima in Shaboura camp, 2018

We have visited a Palestinian family who are facing eviction from the house and are indebted to the utility, gas and electric companies as well as a number of close family members and friends  and could not pay for their two daughters tuition in university although they are very smart. They have another 3 boys in school. The father suffered from paralysis suddenly and is unable to work now, the mother works as a helper in a school earning around 40-45$ a month. She comes from a poor family who need help themselves. 

Please spread the word to the kind people who would like to help with any sum of money. whatever they can as it would be a big help!

We are trying to raise as much as possible to help them in their crises (stop the eviction and pay the bills) and help send their talented children to university. May god accept your good deeds. Please donate and share.

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