Ramadan: The Spirit of Giving, 2020

Ramadan: The Spirit of Giving, 2020

This last week has been a good one for our volunteers. Thanks to your timely and generous help, we are on the way to meet our goal for the month of Ramadan. They have encouraged us to full transparency so that our generous donors can understand the extent of the need and the way that we are responding to it. With another level of giving, we can indeed meet our goals for the area.

If you have not been to Rafah, you may not understand the suffering we encounter here. The 3-4 hours a day of electricity, the lack of clean water and fuel for cooking, and especially this difficulty with lack of employment is indeed making the donations for Ramadan 2019 even more important. Finding 50 more families has not been difficult. More and more families are living on the streets.

We understand that you have possibly already reached into your pockets and that many of our donors, motivated by true compassion and a desire to help, may have already given all they can. But, if you can find it to donate more this month, we have the volunteers to complete the goal. 250 families will be celebrating with the rest of the world.

The next level of giving will allow us to meet our goals for the month. After we can complete this, we will begin on the Eid celebration at the end of the month. If you chose to not donate, please share our campaign with your friends. Many times people are wishing they could help. There are children here who need help and we have the volunteers to serve them. Thank you for all you do. We cannot do it without you.


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