Supplying The Rafah Camp With Food Baskets

As the Covid-19 pandemic rages through the world, many countries have responded with various measures including quarantine. Governments and communities have focused intense attention on dealing with the pandemic. The challenges brought about by the pandemic are enormous.

Palestine Charity Team has been on the ground in Rafah Camp since 2017 working hard to provide support to initiatives intended to assist affected communities..

As an international organisation our work in various countries, where severe disruption and disaster were prevalent before the pandemic, is ongoing. Our engagement in palestininan camps in Lebnon, which has been torn apart by civil war over the last few years, have continued through the pandemic. To date we have delivered food parcels to address starvation, water projects where civic infrastructure has been destroyed and sanitisation of refugee camps affected by Covid-19.

If you can help, you will have our gratitude. It doesn’t take a very large donation to make a world of difference.
We appreciate all you do in behalf of the familys of Palestine.


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A volunteer youth team from Gaza, established to stand by the social and humanitarian issues that concern the Gaza Strip.