Expenses of the treatment of Mohamed. legacy here 2018

Mohammed Al-Mughair is a child under the age of five. Childhood has not been known since his birth. Mohammed’s father was disappointed because of the illness that afflicted his eldest son. He suffers from learning difficulties, speech, distraction, hyperactivity, From Dr. Ehab Mousa to neurological and psychological diseases.

Abed Rabbo, the father of Mohammed, said that he works in a restaurant and does not exceed $ 150 and lives in a house for rent. He can not afford to pay for his child’s medication and can not afford the special clinic through which he can improve his mental and mental health. In helping his son.

The child was photographed in the Dar Al-Kuttab and Sunnah Society – Medical Center, a picture of a brain plan under the supervision of Dr. Haitham Al-Masri.

The child needs medical care, regular medical check-ups, physiotherapy sessions, special education, cost-effective treatment, and non-governmental clinics, as well as a specialized center for rehabilitation, communication, and functional treatment.

We will provide a monthly cost for 6 months to register the child in a rehabilitation center and each month needs 86$ in addition to medicines for 6 months each month needs 215$

Please help the child because this role is imperative for all of us towards humanity, contribute to be part of the happiness of others.


The cost of rehabilitation center treatment: 516$

Medications for 6 months: 1290$

Total: 1806$

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