Relief for Rafah families of Rafah Camp, 2021

We are writing on behalf of the families we serve in the Rafah Camps. We at the Palestine Charity Team have been serving families here since 2017. We hold fundraisers at certain times of the year and distribute goods to the families here. We provide food, gas, water, household supplies, and clothing for the season. We also help with transportation and social services referrals. Our mission is to provide for the families and to extend the scope with education and emotional educational activities for the children. We network with other charities to provide events and group activities. We are not affiliated with any particular party or religion. We do not discriminate.

This year, we were just finishing our annual Ramadan campaign when the airstrikes commenced. Our supplies were low when they bombed our location. We were already seeing the signs of the covid pandemic and its effects on the camp population.

We are now seeking a new location and the funds to procure one. We are also identifying a new need and do not have the funds to help. There are several families sleeping in the streets because they have recently arrived here or they are afraid to sleep indoors. They are without mattresses, blankets, water, cooking supplies, and some even without clothing. And of course, without food.We have a team of brave and strong volunteers who are dedicated to these families and very willing to help. if we had new supplies and a central location. We have relationships with several donors from all over the world who depend upon us to meet the needs of the children in Rafah Camps. Our donors are also giving all they are able. Our networking with others in the area allows us to extend our scope, but they too are facing the same challenges.

We are hoping that you might be able to help in one or more of these areas but the most basic needs are blankets, mattresses, and food and cooking supplies. We appreciate any help you can offer as we have a network of people who can help.


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A volunteer youth team from Gaza, established to stand by the social and humanitarian issues that concern the Gaza Strip.