Restore Warmth to the Families of Rafah, 2019

Restore Warmth to the Families of Rafah, 2019

The story of winter in Gaza is soaked in pain, and the rain is still incomplete and will not be completed as long as reality remains, for a number of factors, especially economic and living, because of the imposed on the Gaza Strip.  
Many families here see a nightmare as a nightmare and a heavy guest. Perhaps she says in her own voice, “no welcome”, instead of rain that removes the dust of sadness on her face parts, You can help us as part of the Palestine Charity Team with your support.

Before the winter season, Palestine Charity Team Volunteers carry out many activities, the most important of which is covering the poor camp in the camp, which is exposed to cracks in the ceilings, and its coverage contributes to protecting families from rainwater entering the homes.
Our team is able to select a number of needy families and buy winter clothes to restore warmth for children and families. Our team takes the children’s measurements or obtains a price quote from one of the shops and directs families to choose the appropriate clothes and sizes for them.



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A volunteer youth team from Gaza, established to stand by the social and humanitarian issues that concern the Gaza Strip.