PCT Promotes Reading Forum. 2019

In an effort to promote the status of children’s literature, the Palestine Charity Team is preparing to set up a series of reading forums for children ages 6-15. We are calling this the “First Reading Forum for the Child.” We understand the importance of reading in English and linking that with children writing their own stories as well. Reading without reflecting and writing is only half of the experience. The interactive piece rooted in diversity and acceptance, is the other part of the equation. Linking reading with good children’s literature and their own creative experience will create a greater rapprochement between Arab children and Italian children.   The first reading forum for children is a unified cultural endeavor that brings together individuals, businesses and non-profit organizations from writers, painters, publishers, lawyers, librarians, public and commercial libraries, teachers, educators, kindergartens, girls and boys schools and other experts working directly in the field of child culture, To benefit from their experiences and share their individual experiences, they appreciate their initiatives, through a collective action that conveys the beauty of reading and enriches children in the world of books.


This first reading forum for children is a unified cultural experience which will bring together businesses and non-profit organizations from several avenues: writers, painters, publishers, lawyers, public and commercial libraries, teachers and kindergartens, girls’ and boys’ schools and other people with expertise in working directly with children. This collective action will convey the beauty of reading and introduce children to their own world of books. Section One: Book Fair • (Arabic books – English books – Italian translated books) We plan to reach at least 20 Arab and foreign publishing houses. We are looking to have at least 70 titles. We are developing a list of at least 500 high quality children’s books, with a group of people qualified to evaluate the books and choose the most appropriate books at each reading level. • The Secret Lives of Princesses in English. This book was chosen to introduce the children to other cultures. It has a wide variety of characters who are good role models. • We plan to recruit writers to share their drawings and signatures for the collection. • Children will be asked to write short essays on subjects that concern them. We are raising their interest and identification with other cultures and the objectives of the forum. • A competition: “Great Book of Dreams Competition” Children will be writing and drawing their dreams for the future. Section Third: Workshops and lectures The forum will present 35 workshops and 20 cultural, literary and artistic lectures for adults and children to educate and raise awareness about the most important topics related to reading and books and how the Italian people have been interested in reading since childhood. Section Four: The original exhibition of children’s stories 100 original drawings of Italian children’s stories and then the creation of an exhibition in Italy for the results of the forum. In the end children want more than anything to be like the rest of the world’s children, and we will do everything in our power to achieve it! The people of Palestine suffered enough. The children of Gaza suffered more than anyone could imagine!


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A volunteer youth team from Gaza, established to stand by the social and humanitarian issues that concern the Gaza Strip.