Ramadan: The Spirit of Giving. 2018

Ramadan: The Spirit of Giving. 2018

In the past three months, the Palestine charity team successfully achieve their goal to support more than 200 poor families in Rafah, south of the Gaza strip, by purchasing food packages for families in need. As you can imagine it is very important to give a hand to support those families who are in need of our help.


So the team supposed to restart their art and culture activities with the children but unfortunately, they can’t restart it recently as their priorities is to feed the poor families of Rafah.

Ramadan is just a few weeks away and we need your help to provide support and care to those most in need. The conditions in Gaza grow worse every day, with unemployment now sitting at over 80%. For many, there is nowhere to work and no one to help them.  PCT is drawing your attention to the people in Gaza. Recently they have no access to the very basic things:  food, clean water, electricity, and medicine.

As a team we can’t solve these kinds of problems, but at least we can contribute to families’ support. We want to make sure they do not feel hunger especially during Ramadan month.

In the previous campaigns, we had to get the same specific food packages, but in this campaign, we will use a new strategy by asking the family what are their  basic needs for food and drinks, to be delivered  one day before Ramadan begins.

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A volunteer youth team from Gaza, established to stand by the social and humanitarian issues that concern the Gaza Strip.