Relief activities in Rafah Camps, 2019

Relief activities in Rafah Camps, 2019

We have good news to share with you. The Palestine Charity Team in Gaza completed the first phase of the relief project activities throughout the Gaza Strip, Palestine. With your help, we provided hundreds of children in Gaza with our first experience and were successful. In 2019, the Palestine Charity Team organized about 200 food parcels for poor families and provided areas of light relief, recreation, dialogue, peace, and all valuable goods in the besieged Gaza Strip We could not literally get this project from the ground without the generous support of each of you, so on behalf of the Palestine Charity Team, thank you! 

Please take some time to see for yourself the outcome of last year’s fundraising efforts and the life-saving work that enabled this for the children of Gaza. We are now excited to start the second phase of this project, and we have great ambitions! Due to the success of the relief project and the help of sick children and poor families in 2019, we have become increasingly interested by people throughout the Gaza Strip to participate in the volunteer staff and carry out checks in their areas and distribute according to standards. Despite the harsh facts in Gaza, the Palestine Charity Team is determined to continue to connect with more children to provide an environment where children can be children. 

Today we hope you can help us raise funds to keep this project for another year. Please contribute as much as you can, and share this link across your networks.

Send you an email if there is any way to help you. Feel free to see the link attached to the campaign. At the end of the campaign page, we explain how much money families and children need and need. We really appreciate if you can make any grant of any size, to help him. Feel free to send my campaign link to anyone you think can help. Thank you very much for your time and for working with Palestinian refugees. Palestine Charity Team Gaza strip


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A volunteer youth team from Gaza, established to stand by the social and humanitarian issues that concern the Gaza Strip.