Support the PCT Dabkeh Classes, 2019

There are still many reasons to dance in Palestine. Ask the children. They know.

Palestine Charity Team, as part of their mission to educate and support young people, is providing another avenue for children to learn about their heritage. The Dabkeh. This style of dance can be traced back thousands of years. To learn this dance is to participate in their community and history.

The Dabkeh and the Dahiya are traditional dances styles often provided at weddings and other gatherings. The traditional music, instruments and songs are well known and well remembered. There are many other cultural events and concerts that provide a showcase for talented youngster to dance these dances.

We are providing training to a troupe of 20 girls to learn the steps of the Palestine National Dance and to provide opportunities to attend cultural events and competitions. Creative expression of national pride is important for the well being of young people. Culture is how families identify themselves and how communities are created and sustained.

In addition to this activity, the PCT provides other activities for young people. We have social groups, field trips to cultural or historical sites, and gifts to provide children during holidays and at the start of school. When the children find out that there are donations that support them, from all over the world, they feel the care that is provided. The special care.

We are looking for people who would like to support these efforts. Your donations are always appreciated as they allow us to spread the love in lots of different directions, but always toward the well being of the children and their families in Gaza. A little or a lot, can make a world of difference for a child in Palestine.

Thank you. Your help is always greatly appreciated. Your support is an important part of our mission.


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A volunteer youth team from Gaza, established to stand by the social and humanitarian issues that concern the Gaza Strip.