PCT Responds to Appeals in Rafah Camp, 2018

PCT Responds to Appeals in Rafah Camp, 2018

Palestine Charity Team responds to the appeal of a family in Rafah camp, and is able to build a room with a bathroom for a young man who was unable to support himself before marriage.

Bilal Abu Hamra benefited from PCT services through our donors, and the family was provided with some food baskets and Eid clothes for children.

The conditions in Gaza grow worse every day, with unemployment now sitting at over 60%. For many, there is nowhere to work and no one to help them. Palestine Charity Team is drawing your attention to the people in Gaza. Recently they have no access to the very basic things: food, clean water, electricity, and medicine. Their choices are often between food and rent. Education, of which Palestinians are very proud and supportive goes away as families are displaced.

Bilal lives west of the Rafah refugee camp in the southern Gaza Strip. He cannot get a job. He is frustrated and desperate because he has tried a lot to find work. The PCT tried to help them build a small house to get married and provide a small project to secure spending on his refugee family. As a team we can’t solve these kinds of problems, but at least we can contribute to families’ support.

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