Sing to Live in Peace, 2022

Sing to Live in Peace, 2022

Sing to Live in Peace, 2022

The Palestine Charity Team was founded in 2017 by a group of recent college graduates with the goal of helping children and families in Rafah, Palestine. The team aims to contribute to alleviating economic burdens, supplying aid and assistance to the population in Rafah, and providing recreational and educational services for children to foster their healthy development and create positive childhood experiences. The Palestine Charity Team is incorporated as a non-profit in the state of California, USA, and recognized a a 501c3 tax-exempt charity by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

Children in Palestine – Rafah camp – are exposed to great psychological pressure due to the ongoing geopolitical conflict. They are traumatized by the sound of bombs and scenes of death and destruction.

This project will offer music instruction to enhance children’s psychological well-being, in a supportive environment,, as well as to develop their talents and creativity. Through the creation of a small institute for teaching music to children, we aim to promote peace and safety in Rafah camp,  and raise morale, and build pride in our cultural heritage. We will offer a safe learning space where children can freely express their fears and dreams for a better future.

It is expected that “15” children, between the ages of 11 and 16, of both genders will participate for the duration of the project. Three teachers will provide instruction in guitar, vocals, oud and percussion, with an emphasis on local music. The class will meet three days a week for two hours over three months, for a total of 36 class sessions. The project will culminate in a children’s musical show, and an art choir will present at the end of the project a closing ceremony in the presence of artistic personalities and celebrities to evaluate the children’s performance.


  • I will match donations for Sing to Live in Peace dollar for dollar up to $1621 until the goal of $3,242 is reached. I just donated $300 to match the donation of $300 from Maha Taji. I look forward to matching other donations to make our goal for this worthy project!

  • Loren Lieberthal August 15, 2022

    Happy to contribute. So much war and pain and violence…”music hath charms to soothe the savage breast.” –from The Mourning Bride, a poem by William Congreve, 1697

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